What to observe during the Demo Session?

What to Observe during the Demo Session?

 After getting recommendations from either your friends or a tuition agency, your next task is to observe the first session between your child and the tutor.

 These are the few key points to observe (from a non-intrusive manner):-

  • Any communication barriers between the child and tutor?
  • Is the tutor is able to explain the topics effectively in a way your child is able to comprehend?
  • Is the tutor on time and gives your child the undivided attention during the tuition session?
  • Frequent check on mobile phone is a good indicated of a distracted tutor.



Tuition Goal Setting

It is important for goal to be established between the tutor and child. This is the only way to ensure that you are getting your return of investment in your child education. A good goal usually follows the SMART characteristics:-

(S)pecific: Who is involved, what to achieve? (To get A-Grade in Math)

(M)easureable: What is meant by improvement? How to measure grades improvement? (Using certain critical examinations as a check)

(A)ttainable: Identify goals that are attainable, through good planning.

(R)ealistic: Set goals that are realistic which the child is willing and able to achieve. Do not expect your child to as when he or she is currently failing the subject. (Improve grades from a D to a C).

(T)imely: Set a time frame to achieve the goal. (3months time)Some tutors and child sets a 1-2 grade improvement goals within a 6 months period.


Follow On Monitoring

Investment in stocks requires constant monitoring. Similarly, investment in your child education also requires constant monitoring.

Do not expect miracles to happen overnight.

Your child who may be able to achieve his ‘A’s right after the first tuition session Give the tutor and child 1-2 months before expecting to see any significant results.