What Category of Home Tutors are there in Jalandhar nowadays?

 There are mainly these four categories of tutors in Jalandhar:-

  • Undergraduate Student Tutors: These are students still pursuing their education and are best able to relate to the academic stress and conditions your child is faced now since these tutors probably just went through what your child is undergoing. Undergraduate Student Tutors are most cost effective due to their lower charging rates.
  • Working Adults, Freelance Part-time Tutor: Part-time Tutors are holding full-time jobs, often in different disciplines and fields. Some of them can even be bankers, doctors or lawyers who enjoy teaching out of passion. These Working Adults, Freelance Part-time Tutor are usually available for teaching tuition on weekday evenings and weekends. Generally, Freelance Part-time Tutor tutors may already finish their education and many of them are university graduates. They are generally more mature in age (between 25 to 45 years old), and will be able to share real-life working experience with the child. Typically part-time tutors teach only1-2 students.
  • Full-Time Home Tutors: Full-time tutors take tuitions as the main job, thus full-time tutors watch the time closely, as they may need to move off to another teaching assignments. Experienced full-time tutors often have the ability to quickly identify the weak area faced by most children and are very familiar with the syllabus as they teaches the same subject and topic often multiple times to different students.
  • Ex-Teacher/Current Teacher: Teachers who give tuition are the most valued after tutors, commanding the highest rates. As they are intimately familiar with the changing trends of education in Jalandhar, some good current teachers may even be able to spot potential questions that are highly likely to come out in this year examinations. Both ex-teachers and current teachers have under-went rigorous B.Ed. training, and thus possess good teaching and communication skills. Ex and current school teachers who are willing to give tuition outside their demanding school schedule are highly in demand. Typically, it may take quite some time to get a school teacher to be a tutor. Furthermore, the rates may not be in the affordable budget range of parents.

The right type of tutor for your child really depends on your tuition needs and budget you are able to afford.