Guidelines on Choosing a Home Tutor

 How to choose the right home tutor for your child?

How useful home tuition is highly depending on the tuition teacher. It is extremely important to get the right tutor.

Some people pay a minimal fee and see results quickly; some pay much more but is left exasperated after only a few months into the tuition, others try to teach their children themselves and end up scolding the child.

Home tuition is one of the surest ways of improving grades in Jalandhar however one typical classroom size in a school here is about 40 pupils. With this number, it is extremely difficult for the teacher to get the full attention of all the students.


Choosing a home tutor for your child is a very important aspect in the child’s school life. It is important for you to choose the right person for your child. Therefore we are offering you some guidelines you should follows, or at least take into consideration, when looking for a home tutor.

  1. Good education background

The first thing you should know is that a good home tutor is not the one that has a good educational background (meaning a university degree), strong teaching experience or is highly recommended by a tuition agency. We don’t argue these aspects are not important. A good home tutor is the one that suits perfectly your child’s educational needs. The perfect home tutor is the one that your child feels comfortable with, that stimulates your child’s intelligence and commitment for study.

  1. Able to make student understand and pick up the subject he/she has problem with

So a good home tutor is the one that has the ability to make your child understand and pick up the subject he/she has problem with; the one that is able to discover your child’s lacks on a certain subject; the one that can stimulate the child’s mind and commitment; the one that has the ability to motivate your child to work hard; and, above all, the one that can set himself/herself as an example of morality and responsibility.

  1. Good Character- responsibility, morality, punctuality, dedication and patience

All these abilities make the candidate be a qualified home tutor but they aren’t sufficient for being a reliable person. Therefore, we believe that a person’s character makes him/her a reliable home tutor. When choosing for a home tutor you should look for these qualities in a candidate: responsibility, morality, punctuality, dedication and patience.

The question that arises now is how you determine whether a certain candidate possesses the qualifications required and the abilities you are looking for. Well, the answer is simple: you check the candidate’s background. You ask to see diplomas, degrees, other educational qualifications he might have, letters of recommendation from previous assignments, school examination reports.

This will cover the qualifications aspect. The reliability aspect can only be tested in time. You have two options for establishing whether your home tutor is a reliable one.

First, you could be an observant parent and keep an eye on the teaching sessions.

Or, secondly, you could just ask for your child’s opinion. Encourage your child to speak up and express all his/hers likes and dislikes towards the home tutor. In the end, the compatibility between the home tutor and your child will bring the best results.


Hiring a home tutor can be an overwhelming experience, especially if you have never done it before. The following five qualities are the most important ones that you should look for when matching a tutor with a child:-

1) Their ability to “connect” with your child and you.

2) Their teaching style – does it match your child’s learning style?

3) Their ability to be patient and empathic when your child is truly struggling.

4) Their reliability and dependability.

5) Their tutoring experience backed up by current references.