Benefits of Home Tution


 The most apparent benefits of PRIVATE HOME TUITION include:

  • 1 to 1 attention compared to large classes in schools and tuition Centre.
  • Convenience and flexible time. Your child need not go anywhere else. He/she may have tuition at the most convenient time at home.
  • Having an inspiring role model. A good home tutor will be able to inspire your child to work hard towards his/her studies. This is not possible in large classes where there are many students for the teacher to take care of.
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The general role of a tuition agency is to facilitate students to engage tutors. Because education is very important, parents are hiring tutors to help their children. Parents are hiring tutors to assist their children in their weaker subjects or to maintain the current good grades already achieved.



Step One:

Star Tutorials consultants will first discuss with you about the requirements of your tutor and the type of tutor that is most suitable for the students.

There are generally 4 categories of home tutors in Jalandhar:-

1) Student Home Tutors

2) Working Adults Home Tutors

3) Full Time Home Tutors

4) Current or Ex School Teachers Home Tutors

Step Two:

Star Tutorials has more than 100 home tutors in Jalandhar. Having a huge pool of Tutors, we will select a tutor that suits your requirements and invite them to apply for the tuition job. When we have to manage to get a suitable tutor application, we will present the tutor’s profile to you.

Before we do that, we will need to get the following details from you:

1) Your name and contact number

2) Class and Subjects interested to have tuition in

3) Your tuition address or Area

4) Tuition Timings available

5) A short description of what you like this tutor to provide

Step Three:

Once you are satisfied and agree with the tutor that we have arranged for you, we will arrange for the tuition lessons to commence.

Step Four:

After the tuition lesson commences, Enhance India Tutors Bureau customer service officer will give you regular calls to find out about the student progress and get constant feedback from you about the tutor to make sure everything is working out well between the student and the tutor.

  • If you need an ideal tutor, give a call to Us @ +91-98760-38173

How Star Tutorials Agency selects tutors in Jalandhar for home tuition?

Tutors are selected on the basis of 5 criteria:-

  • Qualification
  • Attitude
  • Tutoring Skills
  • Knowledge
  • Commitment

Star Tutorials Agency Core Values

1) Honesty

2) Sincerity

3) Integrity

Why to become tutor?

  1. Help a student grow
  2. Earn money
  3. Earn respect
  4. Self-satisfaction